Local Hotspots

The Municipal Garden

After a long walk in the old town pause and relax underneath the pines, citrus and palm trees in the Municipal Garden, located in the center of the city. Detoxify your spirit and enhance family bonding through shared activities in the natural beauty of the garden.

Enjoy a multitude of recreational opportunities in an array of the new playground where also special needs friendly activities are available.


Mikrasiaton Square

Mikrasiaton Square is located in the heart of the historic center, surrounded by remarkable monuments, beautiful buildings, and cultural centers, such as the Mosque Neratzes, the Folk Museum and the Archaeological Museum. A multicultural atmosphere is its best feature and gives the opportunity to meet people from various places whether they are visitors or permanent residents of Rethymno.

Iroon Politechniou

In Iroon Politechniou Square is the Administrative district of Rethymno, a building dated in the Ottoman Period and used by the Ottomans as an administration. It is used by the Greek State with the same function since 1908. On the square, there are small cafes and “rakadika”, which are also meeting points for plenty of people in the summertime, while at its borders is the western entrance of the historic center.

Agnostou Stratioti Square

The Agnostou Stratioti Square is a bustling meeting point where you can feel the urban rhythm of Rethymno, since it is placed in the middle of the coastal road, with all the bars, restaurants and caffes, and the east entrance to the old city or else the “Sand Door” during the venetian times. It is named after the statue of the Square, which is dedicated to the “Unknown Soldier ” and it was situated in that point in 1930.