Rethymno for All


Rethymno is well known as an accessible city offering an infrastructure friendly to people with special needs.
Our goal is to improve the quality of life offered to everyone, resident or visitor, and at the same time to prevent the creation of segregation or exclusion. Rethymno offers a wide range of accessible holidays and leisure facilities for seniors and for those travelling with a disability.
Rethymno allots:

  • Safe and nice walking trails from other areas of the city, particularly with public transport and bus stops nearby.
  • Direct access to almost all public pleasant places, but also many private spaces, such as hotels and restaurants, are characterized by the absence of physical barriers.
  • The construction or renovation of outdoor public spaces and buildings respond to the specific needs of persons with reduced mobility (improvements of side-walks, slopes, presence of ramps, type of pavement, handrails, pedestrian crossings) and respond to the needs of people with diminished sensory capacity.
  • Creating space easily travelled on foot or by bike through a dense network of attractive pedestrian pathways
    People with special needs and their families will have memorable holidays in our city. The renovation of Agnostou Stratioti Sqr, Mikrasiaton Sqr and the Municipal garden with the new play ground gives the opportunity to adults and children with special needs to visit and enjoy all the services and activities that these historical and entertaining places have to offer. Furthermore, the redevelopment of the city gives the chance to all people with special needs to explore the well preserved historical centre and the archaeological sites and museums which are open all year round.

Rethymno is also famous for its city beach with 10 Blue Flags that certify the cleanness and precise management of the beach and, the beautiful sunset that will be an unforgettable memory. The twelve 12 km beach of Rethymno beach is a safe and organized beach fully watched by lifeguards and accessible to people with any form of disability. Additionally, Rethymno offers a wide variety of hotels available to people with special needs, seniors and their families.Visiting Rethymno gives the opportunity to all visitors to walk or cycle around the beautiful old city centre, shop from the local market and experience the traditional culture.
Last but not least the city of Rethymno allots a big number of athletics activities from simple beach sports to those more specialized and Sports that have been specially developed for seniors and people with special needs.
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