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Museum of ancient Eleutherna

The hill of ancient Eleutherna at the foot of Mount Psiloritis is situated in Crete’s heart.

The town’s position and its relation to the sea created an open society, as revealed by research and excavations carried out by the University of Crete that began in 1985 and continues till today.

Ancient Eleutherna reveals all its secrets from 3000 B.C. till the 14th century A.D. From the excavation of the Orthi Petra necropolis it appears that the Early Iron Age, especially from 900 B.C. till the end of the 6th or the beginning of the 5th century B.C., is the town’s most important period, directly connected to the dawn of the Hellenic civilization. 

The findings of the Orthi Petra necropolis’ excavations are particularly important since they depict Homer’s world: the ritual of funeral pyres described in the “Iliad”, especially Patroclus’ funeral pyre. Also, a society of heroic warriors is outlined. 

ancient Eleutherna
Museum of ancient Eleutherna

This is the first archaeological site museum in Crete and the fourth largest in Greece. It reveals the town’s history from 3000 B.C. till 1300 A.D. with everyday life objects and works of art- masterpieces from Prehistory, the geometric, archaic, classic, Hellenistic, Roman, and early Byzantine years. 

Pots, sculptures, figurines, copper, gold, and iron objects are exhibited. The museum’s emblematic exhibits are accompanied by special films and screenings.

Opening hours: 08:30 – 15:30 Tuesday closed
Ticket: 3€
Tel.: 28340 92


Museum of ancient Eleutherna

Military Museum of Chromonastery

The Military Museum of Chromonastery is located 11km southeast of Rethymno.
The building in which it is housed is of great historical and architectural interest as it was built in 1610 and functioned as the summer residence of a Venetian noble family by the name Clodio. 

Villa “Clodio” maintains all the architectural characteristics of the Venetian and Ottoman period.
The Military Museum was inaugurated in 2010. It is remarkable, that until today has hosted a multitude of events, such as concerts, theatrical plays, book presentations and lectures of general interest, as well as painting exhibitions.

Military Museum of Chromonastery
The collection of exhibits includes historical artifacts from the Venetian period and modern Hellenic military history and more specifically:
  • A room devoted in the historical Battle of Crete.
  • Historical uniforms of the Hellenic army.
  • Weaponry from the Hellenic revolution of 1821 until 2nd World War.
  • Venetian clothing and weapons of the era.
  • A room of periodical exhibitions with a collection of photographs from different historical periods.
  • The exterior exhibits include warplanes, tanks and different types of artillery guns.

Opening hours: Monday closed
Tuesday - Friday: 10 am-3 pm
Saturday: closed (open upon arrangement)
Sunday: 10 am-2 pm
Ticket: Regular = 3€, Reduced = 1,5€
Tel.: 28310-75135 - Fax.:28310-75135


School Museum

The School Museum was founded in 1999 and is housed in the former Primary School of Amnatos.
It has an exhibition hall, a simulated teaching room, a library and archive, a courtyard, and school garden.
It offers seven different educational programs for all ages, guided tours, educational events, and publications.

Opening hours: by appointment
Tel: 28310 83164 or 6947808851
email: [email protected]

Amnato School Museum

City of Rethymno

You are invited to travel to areas, which are perhaps still unknown to the majority, and which are sometimes remote, but always magical and magnificent throughout the seasons. We recommend our visitors to see our picturesque villages through the eyes of the soul, try the Cretan cuisine, our wine and “tsikoudia”, participate in our revelries and festivities, but most importantly get to know our soul, our hospitality, the safe, untouched interior of the region, the other Rethymno.
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