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Cretan Herbs

Capparis siculaIn antiquity, the ancient Greeks would use herbs for their healing quality as well as their beneficial use for the face and body. Botanical studies have revealed that Crete has one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems in Europe, with a large number of endemic plants.


Diktamo - Dittany known since ancient times and was used in the cure of stomach ache and the healing of wounds, Sage helps overcome a cold.


Rosemary can be used as an antiseptic and for invigorating purposes.


Moloha can soothe a bad cough or Thyme that has antiseptic, diuretic, anti-parasitic and antipyretic properties.
You can also give another essence to your recipes when cooking by just adding a touch of parsley or spearmint, basil, and aniseed!

You can always lay back and enjoy a relaxing herbal Cretan mountain tee or chamomile tea.

All this you can find them very easily in Crete and in very well packed packages.

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