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  Over a month period, students from Poland had a chance to work as part of a team on tourism projects. During the Erasmus+ practice, students go on a chronological task to cover different aspects of tourism.   During the project, the Polish students took a  guided tour, to learn about local history.   The students wer
« Pourquoi la Crète s’est-elle révoltée ? Parce que le Dieu l’avait faite le plus beau pays du monde, et les Turcs le plus misérable ; parce qu’elle a des produits et pas de commerce, des villes et pas de chemins, des villages et pas de sentiers, des portes et pas de cales, des rivières et pas de ponts, des enfants et pas d’écoles, des droits et pas de lois, le soleil et pas de lumière.» Victor Hugo, Lettres ouvertes, 1875.
"Why did Crete revolt? Because God made it the most beautiful country in the world, and the Turks the most miserable; because it has products and no trade, towns and no roads, villages and no paths, gates and no holds, rivers and no bridges, children and no schools, rights and no laws, the sun and no light. "                                                                                                       Victor Hugo, Open Letters, 1875 
Manolis Anagnostakis is one of the leading poets of the first post-war generation, a political conscientious poet who was imprisoned and sentenced to death for his ideas and was described as the “poet of defeat” because his great work was inspired by the painful experience of the war. He expressed the people’s vision of struggle, freedom and democr
In antiquity, the ancient Greeks would use herbs for their healing quality as well as their beneficial use for the face and body. Botanical studies have revealed that Crete has one of the richest and most interesting ecosystems in Europe, with a large number of endemic plants.
Rethmno's long-standing commitment to sustainability gives space to eTransportation reducing emissions and becoming a walking and cycling-friendly destination.
  Rethymno is a smart choice for visitors all year round! We know that today, visitors seek out the authenticity in each tourism destination and wish to have enjoyable experiences through more meaningful connections with locals and a greater understanding of the local culture. We believe that our cultural production in every aspect is an indispensable tool for sustainable development and the base for Rethymno branding.