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Bike Friendly Days 2023


Bike Friendly Days 2023

Each year, Bike Friendly Days celebrates the joy of biking through a series of free events. In Rethymno, both locals and visitors are embracing biking not only for its positive impact on the environment but also for its numerous benefits to personal well-being.

Whether cycling between destinations or embarking on cycling excursions, individuals can enjoy  routes and convenient cycle touring services offered by bike hire companies, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.


Rethymno, bike friendly city,  boasts a multitude of cycling routes that traverse culturally and gastronomically rich destinations. From the scenic 12 km city beach coast to the unspoiled inland areas, cyclists can explore charming and relaxed villages. The municipality of Rethymno, recently honored with the Gold award, has organized a variety of events aimed at fostering community engagement and physical activity.

As part of these initiatives, the public is invited to join a Bike Friendly Day on Thursday, June 1, at 11:00. Participants can contribute to the maintenance of bicycle signs along the cycle paths as volunteers and actively contribute to the city's bike and pedestrian-friendly environment.

On the same day, there will be a special activity focused on Youth Bicycle Education, emphasizing the importance of teaching children how to safely operate bicycles. This demonstration-based program aims to educate children about road rules, bicycle operation, and potential hazards, ultimately promoting safer biking practices and reducing accidents on city roads.


The Podilatovolta ride serves as a symbolic journey that requires perseverance, dedication, and support, making it a fitting metaphor for the battle against cancer. The Hellenic Cancer Federation - ELLOK looks forward to instilling hope in those affected by cancer and raising awareness about cancer prevention to increase screening rates and save lives.

During the Bike Friendly Days 2023, the House of Culture will host a "Bike Friendly Forum - Cycling Tourism," shedding light on the role of cycling in tourism development. Rethymno has taken numerous initiatives in the past year to attract sports tourists, particularly cyclists, and their families from around the world.

Cycling not only enhances the range of tourist products and services but also contributes to extending the tourist season. Furthermore, the growing popularity of e-bikes as cost-effective and eco-friendly transportation options has provided an added advantage for the expansion of bike excursions as well as bike rental businesses.


In Rethymno, a wide array of Bike Friendly Hotels and bike rental shops can be found, reflecting the significant growth of the bike rental market in recent years.

They offer various amenities such as bike excursions, dedicated bike racks, washing areas, and specialized menus for athletes, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable cycling experience for guests.





Thursday, June 1st:

9:30-13:00  Unknown Soldier Square 
                                      Demonstration project on Traffic Education with the participation of Rethymno’s primary schools
                                      Organized by: Manolis Sfakianakis, coach of the OKA Preveli Inline Skating Team
16:00           Maintenance of the roadway bike markings by volunteers
20:30           House of Culture, 12 Vernardou St, Old Town, Rethymno
                                      Screening of the Saudi Arabian film The forbidden bicycle-Wadjda (2012), directed by Haifaa Al-Mansour


Friday, June 2nd:

09:30          Church of Agia Fotini, Koumpes 
                                  Voluntary actions by students with the participation of the 7th Primary School, the ΣΥΝΠΟΛΙΣ Association and
                                   the Students’ Team Νοιάζομαι και Δρω 
18:00           House of Culture, 12 Vernardou St, Old Town, Rethymno Bike Friendly Forum-Cycling Tourism 


Saturday, June 3rd (World Cycling Day):

11:00          Municipal Garden of Rethymno

                                     Health Bike Ride in the city
                                      Organized by: ATLAS Cycling Team, with the participation of the Hellenic Cancer Federation-ELLOK



 June 1st, 2023:

 11:00 AM - Health Bike Ride organized by Atlas Cycling.

12:00 PM - 4:00 PM - "Potamos Dam" ride organized by Ibiscos Garden Hotel.
June 1st, 2023:
7:00 PM - City Tour ride organized by Best Ride.
June 2nd, 2023:
8:45 AM - 10:45 AM - "Mill Gorge" ride organized by e-Bikes Rethymno.
June 3rd, 2023:





FRIDAY 2 JUNE 2023 - 18:30 PM
House of Culture - Emmanuel Vernardou 12, Old Town
Word Cycling Day June 3rd

18:00 18:30



18:30 19:30


Giorgis Marinakis, Mayor of Municipality of Rethymno
Christos Petreas - Workshop Coordinator
Scientific Advisor of Bike Friendly Network
·         Greetings - Welcoming
Giorgis Marinakis, Mayor of Rethymno
Video - Bike Friendly Days in Rethymno 2022
Maria Lioni Vice Govermor at REGION OF CRETE


Members of Parliament
Stavros Arnaoutakis, Regional Governor of Crete  (tbc)  
Giorgos Koumentakis - Minister of Culture  (tbc)
Sophia Zacharaki - Deputy Minister of Tourism (tbc)
Ionna DrettaMinister of Tourism (tbc)
Michalis Vlatakis - President of Tourism & Travel Agents of Crete
Michalis Tatarakis - President of the Cycling Club of Rethymno "ATLAS" / Representative of the Hellenic Cycling Federation

19:30  21:30

Presentation of BIKE FRIENDLY
Vicky Karantzavelou - General Manager of NATTOUR - "Presentation of the Bike Friendly Network"
Christos Petreas, Scientific Advisor of the BIKE FRIENDLY Network - Presentation "Cycling tourism on the development strategy of tourist destinations" - Presentation on cycling as a form of sustainable development and as a tourist activity
Video Bike Friendly Days in Rethymno 2022
Presentation of the Bike Friendly Network
Municipal activities - Members of the BIKE FRIENDLY Network for promoting Sustainable Development and Cycling Tourism
Pepi Birliraki - Vice Mayor of Tourism, Municipality of Rethymno, "The activity of the Municipality of Rethymnon for sustainable mobility and cycling tourism"
Vasislis Delkos, Vice Mayor of Alexandroupolis, "The contribution of cycling to the tourist development of Alexandroupolis"
Sevi Vlachou, Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Kos, "Bicycle and Kos"
"travellers - clients of cycle tourism"
Examples of cycle tourism projects
Sharon Jackson - Founder and Director - European Sustainability Academy (ESA)
Video -   interview with Michael Maier - Tourism Manager of the Algemeiner Deutcher Fahrrad Club (German Cycling Club) in Travel Daily News
Katerina Kapella, Marketing Manager - Representative of Attica Reisen, Germany
Yannis Galanakis, Vice President of Rethymno Association of Travel Agents
Vangelis Petroulakis - Bike Master, Ibiscos Garden Hotel, Bike Friendly Hotel
Round table
"Benefits, perspectives, opportunities for cycling tourism"
Kyriakos Kotsoglou - Vice Govermor for Tourism & e-Government, at REGION OF CRETE
Giorgos Giakoumakis President of  Rethymno Chamber of Commerce  (tbc) 
Giorgos Pelekanakis - President of the Panhellenic Federation of Hotel Managers
Manolis Tsakalakis President of Rethymno Hotel Association 
Christos Petreas - Scientific Advisor of the BIKE FRIENDLY Network
Final Conclusion

Pepi Birliraki - Vice Mayor of Tourism, Municipality of Rethymno

Christos Petreas - Scientific Advisor of the BIKE FRIENDLY Network





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