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Rethymno, An Inclusive Sports and Social Destination

Rethymno  An Inclusive Sports and Social Destination

A City Embracing Inclusive Sports Tourism

In an exciting move towards being more inclusive and welcoming for all, Rethymno recently joined hands with the  Federation of Special Olympics Hellas, the Association of Parents and Friends of Persons with Autism in Rethymno, and the Municipality of Rethymno.

Rethymno is proud to be the 20th city to join Special Olympics Hellas, opening up new possibilities for people with special needs. They've signed an agreement to create local sports programs, making it easier for everyone to take part in athletic competitions.

Rethymno  An Inclusive Sports and Social Destination
Rethymno,  An Inclusive Sports and Social Destination
Special Olympics Hellas has been a leader in inclusive sports for over 30 years, offering chances for people with special needs to train in different sports.
It's not just about exercising, it's about being together making friends, and being part of a community that cares.
The signing event at the Rethymno House of Culture is a big step in bringing the local community, parents, and Special Olympics Hellas together.

The Municipality of Rethymno is also playing a big part by providing sports spaces and helping organize sports events.

For Rethymno, joining local sports programs means a lot.
It's a chance for All people to enjoy sports in a friendly and inclusive environment.

Thanks to support from the  Stavros Niarchos Foundation, Rethymno is starting a new training program, creating more opportunities for athletes and turning the town into a sports tourism destination.

Rethymno,  An Inclusive Sports and Social Destination
Rethymno,  An Inclusive Sports and Social Destination

The whole town is excited and supportive of this initiative. Students and teachers from a local school even brought delicious snacks to the event.

Rethymno doesn't stop at sports; it's also working on being more inclusive in social and educational activities. By working with local groups and leaders, Rethymno is taking big steps towards making sure everyone feels accepted.

In its effort to welcome everyone, Rethymno proudly calls itself "Rethymno for All." By opening its doors to everyone, the town is not just becoming more inclusive; it's also becoming a place for sports tourism, inviting visitors to enjoy sports in a community that celebrates differences. Rethymno's journey shows how sports can bring positive changes and make a community more inclusive and welcoming.

City of Rethymno

You are invited to travel to areas, which are perhaps still unknown to the majority, and which are sometimes remote, but always magical and magnificent throughout the seasons. We recommend our visitors to see our picturesque villages through the eyes of the soul, try the Cretan cuisine, our wine and “tsikoudia”, participate in our revelries and festivities, but most importantly get to know our soul, our hospitality, the safe, untouched interior of the region, the other Rethymno.
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