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Experience the Magic of Warm Christmas in Rethymno

Warm Christmas in Rethymno

Christmas in Rethymno!

Plan your next winter escape to Rethymno!

This festive season, the Municipality of Rethymnon is bringing you a joyous blend of music, shopping, and holiday spirit!

Get ready for a magical time as the Municipal Philharmonic Band fills our charming city streets with the enchanting sounds of the season.

🌞 Warm Winter Weather
As you embark on your harmonious city walk and explore the Christmas shopping delights, bask in the warmth of Rethymno's winter sun.

With mostly sunny days and temperatures around 20 degrees, Christmas in Rethymno becomes a delightfully warm and inviting experience.

Enjoy sunny December days at Rethymno
Christmas in Rethymno

🛍️ 15/12 - 31/12 - Christmas Shopping in the City

Extend your joyful stroll by exploring the festive Christmas shopping. Wander through the adorned streets, where   local open mall shops  and markets offer unique gifts and holiday treats.


19:00 Harmonious City Walk

Kick off the festivities with a melodic journey starting from the lively Unknown Soldier Square. Immerse yourself in the musical charm as you explore the heart of Rethymno.
Christmas in Rethymno
Christmas in Rethymno
Christmas in Rethymno

10:00 - Christmas Carols in the City Hall

Start your day with the heartwarming melodies of Christmas carols at City Hall and other local authorities. As the evening falls, join us at Metropolis Square for a concert, followed by a scenic walk through the historic Old Town.

11:00 - Festive Stroll on Arkadiou Street

Feel the holiday spirit as you walk along Arkadiou Street, surrounded by the enchanting notes of Christmas carols. It's a perfect way to spread joy and connect with the festive atmosphere.

10:00 - Carols in the Heart of Rethymno

Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with a soulful performance in the Municipality, District, and Metropolis. Let the music bring warmth to your heart.

11:00 - New Year's Eve Market Walk

Bid farewell to the year with a lively stroll through the bustling market of the Old Town. Revel in the festive ambiance, indulge in some last-minute Christmas shopping, and welcome the New Year with open arms.

Gather your loved ones, shop for unique gifts, and come join us for a season filled with music, laughter, and the true spirit of Christmas.

Let's create unforgettable memories together as we celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in the warm embrace of Rethymno!


Dive into local cuisine, visit historical sites, and experience the authentic culture of Crete in a relaxed setting.

Whether you're dreaming of a romantic retreat, a family adventure, or a solo getaway, Rethymno has something for everyone.

Plan your next  winter escape to Rethymno!


Enjoy sunny December days at Rethymno
Enjoy sunny December days at Rethymno

City of Rethymno

You are invited to travel to areas, which are perhaps still unknown to the majority, and which are sometimes remote, but always magical and magnificent throughout the seasons. We recommend our visitors to see our picturesque villages through the eyes of the soul, try the Cretan cuisine, our wine and “tsikoudia”, participate in our revelries and festivities, but most importantly get to know our soul, our hospitality, the safe, untouched interior of the region, the other Rethymno.
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