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Rethymno Carnival 2024 Getting Together

Rethymno Carnival 2024

Rethymno Carnival!
A visually unique and famous Cretan Carnival

Come and experience the energetic Carnival of Rethymno!

This year, the theme of the  Rethymno Carnival is "Bringing People Together," inviting everyone to participate and engage in the cultural festivities, music, dance, and gastronomy.

It's an opportunity for individuals to come together, reconnect with old friends, and forge new connections while reveling in the vibrant and creative celebrations.

Rethymno Carnival 2024
Rethymno Carnival 2024

Preparations are underway for the Rethymnon Carnival, with 27 groups gearing up for the exciting events.

The focus of this year's carnival is on Getting Together as a way to express creativity and spread positive vibes.

Rethymno's rich history as a meeting point between East and West has made its people outgoing and friendly.

Known for its unique style, the Rethymno Carnival is considered one of the most creative carnivals in Greece.

After the grand opening last week, everyone is getting into the production spirit with new carnival customs and presentations from the carnival groups.

Rethymno Carnival grand opening
Rethymno Carnival grand opening
Rethymno Carnival grand opening

To make information more accessible, the municipality has updated the website,, where you can stay updated on all the events. Additionally, they're teaming up with the the Organization "The Smile of the Child" to spread meaningful messages.

Join a team to fully immerse yourself in the carnival experience, and look out for QR codes to access information without the need for paper.

We're also continuing the "Every Empty Aluminum Can Counts" campaign. Bring your empty aluminum cans to a designated collection point during the carnival, where they'll be recycled. Let's make every can count towards a greener future!


Next week, on Tuesday, March 5th, don't miss the Rethymnon Municipal Choir serenading the streets of the Old Town. Starting at 7 p.m. from the Unknown Soldier Square, they'll wind their way through the historic center, spreading romantic vibes. 

With team parties happening almost every day, there's no shortage of fun activities to enjoy throughout the carnival season.

Join the excitement and be part of the Carnival of Rethymno!

Float parades, fancy costumes, and plenty of gatherings are what make the carnival atmosphere, with street parties and celebrations happening all around town.

It's best experienced by joining a team, where you can even book or buy costumes.

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City of Rethymno

You are invited to travel to areas, which are perhaps still unknown to the majority, and which are sometimes remote, but always magical and magnificent throughout the seasons. We recommend our visitors to see our picturesque villages through the eyes of the soul, try the Cretan cuisine, our wine and “tsikoudia”, participate in our revelries and festivities, but most importantly get to know our soul, our hospitality, the safe, untouched interior of the region, the other Rethymno.
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