Municipal Garden of Rethymno

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The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is located right in the heart of Rethymno Town and is a true delight for visitors of all ages.


An ideal spot for a day out with your family, a meeting point for locals, the public garden provides all basic amenities required by its visitors. Perfectly suited for children, the garden with its colorful playground is not just a fun experience, but a learning one as well.

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Bringing the flora and fauna of the magnificent island of Crete into the heart of the city, the public garden will make sure you escape the bustle of the town when you visit it.

Nature lovers but also those who like quiet places for walking in the town will love it.

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One of the biggest attractions of the public garden is the Cretan Diet Festival organized every July. It lasts for one week and takes place every summer, attracting a lot of visitors.

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The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is considered particularly special since it is home to rare plant species, it is also used as an exercise place and hosts many cultural events.

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Last week Dr. Patrick Griffith, director of the Montgomery Botanical Center of Florida, USA, along with Stergio Pirintso Department of Biology, University of Crete, visited the Municipal Garden of Rethymno in the framework of a research collaboration with the Botanical Garden of the University of Crete. He was much impressed by its architecture and the plethora of herbs and wild greens to be found there.

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Awaken your senses and get closer to nature in the heart of Rethymno city.


City of Rethymno

Rethymno’s timeless attractions and diverse landscapes, city architecture, museums, archaeological sites, endless sandy beaches and escapes to nearby villages will reward you with a rich cultural yet relaxed experience all year round. Step off of the beaten path into the untouched Greece of the past. Cultural pride and natural beauty – Rethymno offers the best of both.



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