Patsos Gorge Route

The Gorge of Patsos or Agios Antonios is located 8 km southwest of Arkadi Monastery.

Gorge Patsos1 The waters of the gorge are now poured into the lake of the River Dam, and is a gorge easy to visit and to go through within 2 hours, meeting its of supreme natural beauty and cultural history.






 Gorge Patsos5 






 Gorge Patsos2At the beginning of the gorge there is a picnic and water infrastructure with constantly running water next to the river, while standing in the rocks the cave church of Agios Antonios; archaeological research has shown that the cavern itself was used for worship purposes in antiquity, constituting an important center for religious worship from Late Minoan to Roman times.





Gorge Patsos3According to epigraphical evidence from the cave, Hermes Kranaios was worshipped there.

Gorge Patsos4From there begins a path that reaches the narrowest point of the gorge with a unique waterfall in a cave where you have to go back.

Visitors should enjoy the exquisite natural environment and watch the bird-life there from the specially prepared observation point.