Springtime in Rethymno

Easter Holy-days Experience in Rethymno

Experience aspects of this cultural event in ways that will exceed your expectations. It is not just about the traditions. It is mainly about the people who keep breathing life into them. Traditional Greek Easter is all about warm family moments. Celebrate Easter in Rethymno at a Hotel where guests are invited to enjoy holiday, have fun, relaxation and at the same time religious and gastronomic experiences. This is a celebration you don’t want to miss! Listen to the “Twelve Passion Gospels” at a monastery, decorate with wild flowers the “Epitaphios”, and enjoy the Easter cuisine. Have a taste of our traditional and religious wealth.​ Apart from the celebrations the visitor is able to minutely trace the religious physiognomy of the region through the centuries. Early-Christian basilicas, Byzantine churches boasting magnificent frescoes, historic monasteries, picturesque chapels but also “humble” iconostases give timeless evidence of the faith and the civilization of a people, who has unreservedly worshipped their religious tradition.

Rethymno where History & Culture meet Beauty & Nature

Spring weather is ideal for active visitors. In Rethymno you can enjoy the breathtaking sight of an endless sandy beach that meets on one side the blue sea and on the other the enchanting view of the city. The beach of Rethymno is 12 km long, it starts from the historical city center and extends to the Eastern part.
Rethymno beach has fine-grained brilliant light brown sand, where you can walk barefoot and feel how soft and beautiful it is. There’s nothing more rejuvenating than kicking off your shoes to sink your toes into powdery-golden, squeaky clean beach sand, an ideal set for your wedding or renewing your vows.
Discover inland secrets and the wide variety of flora and fauna, by visiting gorges, mountainous villages, hiking trails, etc. Rethymno is a paradise for numerous excursions. Take a colourful journey to the base of the breathtaking Psiloriti mountain where you’ll find rich cultural, walking and cycling routes and experience the spirit of the mountain villages.​
Rethymno boasts:

  • 1,624 native wild plants with 170 endemic plant and 1,000 animal species
  • 12 walking trails (E4)
  • 4 Natura2000 – 88.000 acres areas
  • 10 of the most famous caves of Crete – Ideon Andro (the birth cave of Zeus)
  • 8km cycling path in the historic center and 1059km covering 22 cycling paths in the broader area
  • 11 small and large, impressive gorges
  • 65km sandy beach, where 12km begin from the historic center of the city
  • 150 nests of endangered sea turtle Caretta Cacaretta, which lays its eggs every year on the awarded with 10 Blue Flag beach of the Municipality of Rethymno.

Rethymno has a pace of life that encourages you to stop and appreciate all the natural beauty. Famed for its charm and the easy-going friendliness and hospitality of its people, Rethymno is the perfect Spring escape. Discover Venetian & Ottoman archaeological sites, historical buildings full of architectural art or monasteries and churches dated back to 11th century in or outside the city.

Explore the numerous museums and participate in community wide celebrations. With a sophisticated appreciation for traditional music and fine art, Rethymno offers galleries and art tours featuring local artisans and artists. Rethymno is ideal for gastronomic getaways, cooking classes, or visits to local traditional wineries, olive oil and cheese producers.


Share our experience protecting our fragile environment​

Every year the majestic yet endangered species of sea turtle Caretta Caretta is nesting in the clear Rethymno’ s beaches, from May through June, so you might come upon a Caretta Caretta or even see a female laying its eggs. ​Be the one who participate in the release of an injured sea turtle, or live the hatching surviving of a baby Caretta Caretta turtle during an excavation having its first travel into the ocean.

Come to Rethymno to witness and live one of the biggest environmental experiences!​​
For more information visit: www.archelon.gr